Interdisciplinary Studies

Let's Talk about Interpersonal Communication 4/E

Louw, M; Du Plooy-Cilliers, F

ISBN-13: 9781775788300

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Interdisciplinary Studies


Let's Talk about Interpersonal Communication 4/E


Author: Louw, M; Du Plooy-Cilliers, F

ISBN-13: 9781775788300



Building on the success of the previous three editions, the fourth edition of Let's Talk about
Interpersonal Communication is a lively, challenging and interactive communication
course that is fully updated and offers new research studies and additional South
African examples. The book covers all major aspects of interpersonal communication.

Features include:

• mind maps that visually summarise each chapter

• 'In practice' case studies that illustrate how principles work in everyday life

• 'In theory' sections that highlight relevant communication theories for students who want to know more

• each chapter ends with a 'Moral of the story', summarising the big idea in the chapter

• additional information, web links, activities and other resources are provided by means QR codes that can be accessed through smart phones, mobile devices or through the web

• access to Pearson's Study On The Go mobile platform, with flash cards, outcomes, chapter summaries and MCQs for students on the move.


Elements that enhance learning include the following:

• more examples of interpersonal communication in the workplace

• more South African examples

• 'in a nutshell' tables that summarise the content

• cartoons that illustrate concepts in a humorous way

• suggested test and exam application questions.

Marianne Louw has a Masters degree in Leadership and an Honours degree in Communication, and is doing her Doctorate in Interpersonal Leadership Communication. She heads the sections of Communication & Media Studies and Public Relations at Monash South Africa, a campus of the international Monash University. She also lectured at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) and the Vaal Triangle University of Technology. Franzél du Plooy-Cilliers holds a Doctorate in Interpersonal Communication and is the Head of the Faculty of Applied Humanities at the Independent Institute of Education (IIE). Before joining the IIE, she headed up Communication & Media Studies at Monash South Africa and lectured at UJ for several years. She is a programme evaluator for the Council on Higher Education (CHE).