Education in Botswana


Primary education in Botswana

Pearson Botswana offers many excellent series among our most popular are:

  • Top Class
  • Motheo, Made Easy 
  • For Botswana
There are many titles in these series which are approved by the Ministry of Education. These series cover the following subjects:
  • Agriculture
  • Creative and Performing Arts
  • Cultural Studies
  • Social Studies
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Guidance and Counselling
  • Environmental Science
  • Science
  • Moral & Religious Education
  • Setswana
We have a wide range of approved supplementary reading material in English and Setswana. Some of our imported primary school readers offer digital components, suitable for use in Private and International Schools. The Primary School Atlas for Botswana has current information and the latest maps and statistics covering many learning areas.
Other invaluable resources for this level include Thanodi ya Setswana as well as the Primary dictionary and Elementary dictionary.

Junior secondary education in Botswana

Pearson Botswana offers a range of approved material for use in schools including our In Action series and Exploring series. These series cover core and many elective subjects.

Most of the Form 2 and 3 titles also include a free Key Concept Chart with the Student's Book - to make revision for the examinations even easier.

Our Teacher Guides for Form 2 and 3 also include a Test CD - which provide invaluable practise and sample tests with memoranda.

Our English courses at Form 2 and 3 levels not only include a free Test CD in the Teacher's Guide but also include listening passages on a CD and English in Action also includes a free Grammar booklet with the Student's Book. Similarly, our Lobebe lwa Setswana for Form 2 also includes a Listening and Test CD as well as a grammar booklet.

Many of our literature titles are prescribed for use in Botswana Schools. Invaluable resouces at this level include the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English,Thanodi ya Setswana as well as the Longman Secondary School Atlas.

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Senior secondary education in Botswana

Pearson Botswana offers you a wide variety of material for use in Secondary Schools. Our courses cover core and many elective subjects. Noteworthy titles include Business Accounting, O-level Agriculture, Active English, Certificate English Language, Additional Mathematics Pure and Applied and Pure Mathematics 1.

Invaluable resources no secondary class should be without are the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishThanodi ya Setswana and Longman Secondary School Atlas.

Prescribed English literature titles we supply include:

  • Animal Farm
  • Educating Rita
  • I Will Marry When I Want
  • The River Between
  • Twelfth Night 
  • Wuthering Heights

Vocational education in Botswana

Pearson Botswana also and offers titles from Pearson South Africa and Pearson UK for use in universities, vocational colleges and training centres. 

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