Longman Kenya is part of Pearson, the largest learning company in the world. We publish core and supplementary educational resources for local school curricula in a wide range of subjects and at all levels. We also offer higher education and technical materials and are leading the way when it comes to the development of affordable digital educational products.

In order to deliver complete curriculum coverage at the right level, our materials are based on the latest syllabus and are in line with the constitution. All our products are developed and written by teachers and education experts who have extensive local and international experience. Our range includes:

  • Living Together social studies series for standards 1 to 8 which is fully Kenya Institute of Education (KIE) approved and revised
  • The Longman Kenya Primary Atlas
  • Business Studies Forms 1 to 4 (the only fully approved course in the subject in Kenya)
  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) Revision Business Studies in the new exam format
  • The Whale Rider (recently approved as a set literature text)
  • The Whale Rider Guidebook (an exciting approach to studying the book)
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