Education in Namibia


Early childhood development in Namibia

Pearson Namibia offers you a wide choice of Early Childhood and Pre-primary material, ranging from picture readers to our Great Start programme that includes a Teacher's Guide, Workbook, Reading Box and Teacher's Kit. The teacher's kit provides teachers with the essential resources to enhance the classroom experience.

The My School series prepares children for the demands of primary school and lays a positive foundation for the development of essential Literacy, Numeracy and General Skills.


Primary education in Namibia

Pearson Namibia's various Ministry of Education approved Primary titles includes the following series:

  • English for you
  • Ongushu yElaka
  • Day by Day
  • Ependuko
  • In Context
  • Discover

We also have a range of Afrikaans readers for First and Second Language speakers.  We have a wide range of approved reading material and some of our imported primary school readers offer digital components, suitable for use in Private and International Schools. A selection of dictionaries- including the best seller South African School Dictionary is also available for order

Junior secondary education in Namibia

All our materials have been developed to meet the National Curriculum requirements for Grade 8 to Grade 10. Our Learner’s Books, Teacher’s Guides and Study Guides have been specifically developed to make teaching and learning easy and enjoyable for all teachers and pupils.

Discover is a course for the Revised Curriculum, designed to help learners understand the world around them, presented in accessible language, to make learning stimulating, easy and fun.


Senior secondary education in Namibia

Pearson Namibia offers a range of approved material for use in schools including the Certificate series. This series has been specially developed to meet all your Senior Secondary needs. It is the first series to introduce a digital component, the ground-breaking ExamBank CD-ROMs to save teachers valuable time.

The comprehensive Certificate series consists of a Student’s Pack and Teacher’s Components

  • Student’s Book
  • Key Concept chart
  • Exam Practice Book
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Exam
  • Bank CD-ROM

Our groundbreaking ExamBank CD-ROMs help you set Exams in minutes!  Our science titles are now supported by the Virtual Labs in Chemistry and Physics. The Virtual Chem Lab and the Virtual Physics Lab bring realistic simulations to life.

Many of our literature texts are approved for classroom study and as set books for examination. Longman offers the best student dictionaries supported by the latest technology innovations. The new edition Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English for Advanced Learners is now fully updated and with a brand-new, user-friendly design. This new edition is full of exciting new features to help learners become fluent in English, including cutting-edge software to build vocabulary faster.

Pearson Namibia is the home of digital solutions incorporating the exciting International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) series in biology, chemistry, physics, ICT and business studies.

Vocational education in Namibia

Pearson Namibia has a wide range of vocational, technical, nursing and health titles and offers titles from Pearson South Africa and Pearson UK  for use in schools, universities, vocational colleges and training centres.

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