Pearson Swaziland is part of the largest learning company in the world. We offer a comprehensive range of Pearson, Heinemann and Longman titles, ranging from early childhood readers to vocational and higher educational material. Our products are available from most local educational booksellers, including Websters Bookshop, Mbabane.

Our range of senior secondary titles is especially popular with local high schools.

The Certificate Series for senior secondary offers localised text with extra practice and revision and includes:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Biology
  • Physical science

Our wide range of literature and reading titles includes a number of books that have been approved for use in schools, including Tales of Tamari, The Pearl and Merchant of Venice.

We also lead the way when it comes to the development of affordable digital educational products. All our textbooks and digital materials are developed and written by teachers and education experts who have extensive local and international experience.

2013 Swaziland Secondary Catalogue