Education in Swaziland


Early Childhood development

Pearson Swaziland offers you a wide choice of Early Childhood and Pre-primary material, ranging from picture readers to our My School series. The My School Kit provides teachers with the essential resources to enhance the classroom experience.

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Pearson Swaziland offers a range of imported primary school material, some of which offer digital components, suitable for use in Private and International Schools, as well as an extensive range of reading materials.

Junior Secondary

Pearson Swaziland offers a range of imported material for use in schools. Our Certificate Junior Secondary Mathematics and Science books have specifically been developed for the Swaziland curriculum.

Senior Secondary

Pearson Swaziland offers you a wide variety of material for use in Secondary Schools. Our Certificate series for English, Mathematics, Science and Biology introduces a digital component, the ExamBank CD-ROM that helps teachers to set exams, tests and memoranda. We also use a range of IGCSE material, and many of our literature titles are prescribed for use in Swaziland Schools.


Pearson Swaziland imports and offers titles from Pearson South Africa and Pearson UK  for use in vocational colleges and training centres.