Pearson South Africa corporate profile

Pearson South Africa corporate profile


Pearson is the world's leading education company. With a presence in over 70 countries and 40 000 employees, Pearson provides learning solutions from early childhood learning to professional certification, Pearson curriculum-based materials, e-learning content and tools, as well as teacher training and testing programmes help to educate millions of people worldwide.

Pearson is also a leading provider of digital learning programmes and test development, processing and scoring services to educational institutions, corporations and professional bodies around the world.

In order to provide unique learning solutions, Pearson creates content, technology, assessment tools and services.

Partnering with stakeholders, Pearson creates innovative solutions to improve learner achievement and institutional effectiveness.

South Africa’s best-known and most-respected names in publishing; Longman, Heinemann and Maskew Miller were merged to form Pearson South Africa in 2010. In 2013 alone, Pearson distributed over 23 million text books into schools across South Africa, and trained over 80 000 teachers. All this content is being converted into e-content.

Owning and operating institutions of higher learning


As part of the company’s organic growth, Pearson South Africa delivers direct education through its own independent educational institutions, CTI and the Midrand Graduate Institute (MGI). Today, the CTI Education group has 13 campuses and over 14 000 students across South Africa. The company is continuously working towards the expansion and growth of the digital solutions and learning services, while concurrently protecting its market leadership position in print across the business.

Professional development


Pearson is committed to helping teachers and administrators to acquire, improve, and master skills that contribute to students success. Accredited trainers deliver Pearson services online, face-to-face or via a blended approach. In each approach the goal is to make an impact on teachers’ effectiveness and thus improve learning outcomes. Pearson has implemented teacher training for more than 80 000 teachers in many provinces in South Africa.

Assessment and testing


On any journey, it’s vital to measure your progress.  Governments, educators, parents and students need to be confident that learning is effective and that it is delivering the desired outcomes. Testing and technology-based solutions help teachers and students identify where they can improve, so they can focus their efforts and achieve more. Pearson can coordinate the marking of tests, analyse the results and produce an annual research report. The report can then be used by governments to inform decisions about resource allocation and possible further interventions.

Pearson qualifications


Pearson offers internationally recognised academic and vocational qualifications across 85 countries worldwide. Edexcel, BTEC and London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) qualifications are available in a wide range of subjects and enable the company to provide institutions with the ideal combination of programmes to suit their students at every level. 

Learning services


The Learning Services team develops and deploys learning resources and services that help learners, students, teachers and lecturers with their teaching and learning. These resources include textbooks and other learning and teaching support materials; services like test and improve, teacher/lecturer education and learning academy (TELA and LELA), revision and exam preparation programmes; learning systems and platforms. Our role is to understand the learning and teaching needs and develop content, resources, systems and platforms that can best meet those needs.

Teacher and lecturer academies


Within an evolving learning environment where educators are faced with an array of challenges, Pearson believes that opportunities should be created where educators can gain the knowledge, insights and tools required to overcome the challenges they encounter. 

Pearson has trained over 80 000 teachers in South Africa and continues that professional development ethos through the established Teacher Education and Leadership Academy (TELA). The Lecturer Education and Leadership Academy (LELA) was established in 2014 to deal with the challenges faced by lecturers. The courses focus on equipping lecturers with practical knowledge and skills, with the ultimate aim of helping learners to flourish.

Print and digital


Pearson’s primary resources are developed by experts and tested in classrooms. They include Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) compliant textbooks for all the main subject areas as well as dictionaries, classroom kits, wall charts and phonics programmes. 

Pearson produces some of South Africa’s most effective secondary school resources. The products work because they’re developed by teachers and tested in real classroom situations. Pearson understands what learners need and recognise that young people learn in different ways.

Our products now extend to resources for TVET colleges and universities, providing text books, e-learning content and tutorial materials.

Pearson Insitute and CTI


CTI and Pearson Insitute offers qualification and courses within the fields of Information Technology, Commerce, Creative Arts and Communication, Psychology and Law that are accredited by the Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC) and registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

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