Company history

Pearson Southern Africa includes many of the best known and most respected names in publishing. You may have heard of some of them? Maskew Miller Longman, Heinemann, Prentice-Hall, and Addison-Wesley.

As far back as 1893, the Maskew Miller family began supplying schools with essentials such as stationery and textbooks . Here are a few other significant moments in our history…

Late 1700s Samuel Johnson publishes the first definitive Dictionary of the English Language. Through our African Writers series, we have been publishing top names in African literature for over 75 years.

1994 We cause a stir with the first post-apartheid history textbook. Nelson Mandela launches the first titles in our They Fought for Freedom series.

2006 We launch the first literature awards in South Africa to support writing in all 11 official languages.

2010 Pearson Southern Africa is created from a group of companies that provides extensive local educational knowledge combined with the global resources of the world’s leading learning company.

2012 We invest in new technologies and services that mean we are able to gain even more access to top-quality, global content for our products.

2014 Pearson remains the world's leading learning company.

The Pearson timeline