School turnaround strategies

Pearson’s school turnaround programme helps schools successfully implement their department of education's curriculum policy requirements with the aim of transforming disadvantaged, under-resourced and underperforming schools into steadily achieving schools capable of sustaining their own ongoing development – schools that parents, teachers and learners can be proud of.

In addition, we hope to help schools produce learners who have achieved to their full potential and can continue their studies without extra help.

We do this through a 3-year, school-based, capacity-building programme that incorporates:

  • Extensive and intensive school-based support with a strong emphasis on practical training, mentoring and coaching on how to implement policy guidelines
  • Ongoing monitoring, feedback and reflection on assigned tasks
  • Effective use of resources.

So, why does our school turnaround programme work, where others fail? We believe the answer lies in the very nature of our programme, which includes:

  • Assessment of learning to determine the baseline and measure annual development
  • Collaboration and role clarification between the Pearson school support manager, the teaching staff, the school management teams and the district officials
  • Support to overcome annual Learner and Teacher Support Material (LTSM) procurement and delivery bottle-necks
  • Empowerment of teachers to make effective use of existing resources to maximise learning opportunities
  • Hands-on training, coaching and mentoring of teachers and School Management Teams (SMT) members to ensure the practical application of learning and sustained improvement
  • Consistent and regular support through two support visits per school, per month
  • Transferring of skills to district officials to ensure sustainability.