Where we operate

Currently operating in 8 school districts
In 7 of South Africa's provinces,
We aim to extend our national footprint
into all 9 provinces by 2020.

Between 2009 – 2012 PMET hosted school management teams and since 2013 PMET hosts provincial and district officials.The WCED has been our host partner since 2013. In 2015 PMET will host 8 school districts, 7 from former homeland areas which are amongst the most disadvantaged of SA’s 82 school districts, as summarised in the table below.

Province School District No. of Schools
Eastern Cape Qumbu 253
Eastern Cape Libode 424
Mpumalanga Bohlebela 388
Mpumalanga Ehlanzeni 349
KZN uMzinyathi 505
Limpopo Mopani 717
Gauteng Johannesburg Central 240
North West Dr Ruth Segamotsi Mopati 392
6 Provinces 8 School Districts 3 268 Schools

PMET is currently directly supporting 20 schools per district in cycles of between 3 and 5 years. Through the leadership exchange seminar, PMET aims to enable provincial and district leadership officials to begin to encourage their district officials to share the strategies and best practices implemented in the 20 schools in each district with all of their other schools. After the seminar the PMET provincial staff, works closely with district officials to administer baseline diagnostic and needs assessments in order to identify their specific support needs. Then, together with the schools, a 3-year school support programme is developed and implemented to effect change as a model for the rest of the district to adopt and implement in all of its schools.

Impact of the School Development and Support Programme

Sustainable impact on Primary Schools

Grade averages 2008 – 2012

Sustainable impact on High Schools

Grade 12 pass rates 2008 – 2012

Increase in Bachelor’s exemptions from 2008

Grade 12

A favourable External Evaluation of the School Development and Support Programme was conducted by Dr Nick Taylor of Joint Education Trust in 2012