Jaco Jacobs – Verneukpan (Afrikaans)

During the December holidays, Sean and Jans take off in an old dark-green Chev for an enormous internet rave to take place at Verneukpan.

Francois Bloemhof – Stad aan die einde van die wêreld (Afrikaans finalist)

Teenagers own the world in 2084 – and those who are lucky enough get to go to the city. City, a place of more pleasures than you can imagine, but also greater danger than you could ever guess. This is George Logan's destination.

Braam van der Vyver – Helpers uit die kryt! (Afrikaans finalist)

Tsepo Mathebula is a young man with a special talent. He has dynamite in his fists, but boxing is not a sport for sissies. After he wins a talent competition for amateurs, things start happening quickly.


Dianne Case and Yvonne Hart – Katy of Sky Road (English)

In this award-winning story of teenage dreams, ambition and risks, meet Katy, a strong new character from one of South Africa’s best-loved writers for teenagers. IBBY International Honour List 2010.



Mabonchi Goodwill Motimele – The boy with the guitar (English finalist)

Paseka is a talented young man who has left his home in rural Limpopo to find his future on the tough streets of Johannesburg. He then meets Nicole, who shares his love for music, and together they perform at a local club. This dramatic tale will entertain and challenge its readers.



Becky Apteker – Written in water (English finalist)

Noel is a clever, sensitive boy, struggling to find his way on the dangerous streets of Hillbrow. At every turn, life throws him a challenge and he has to find the right way alone. This absorbing story will challenge readers while showing them the power and beauty of words.



MM Ndlovu – Amathonsi Abanzi (IsiZulu finalist)

At the crossroads of her life, Zongile has to make a decision either to please her parents by following tradition, or to follow her heart and make a better life for herself. However, for this young woman from the rural areas, the ways of the city lead the way to a fate worse than she had ever imagined.



A Motimele – Mepipi la moka e a na (Sepedi)

This is a gripping story by a well-known author. Phaka warned his daughter about her lack of self-control in terms of searching for the right partner. Unfortunately it seems Mmagauta is doomed to lose every man she meets


MC Mphahlele – Dilo tsela ke batho (Sepedi finalist)

Makhabudi and Lufuno lost their mother and were forced to live with their aunt. Their aunt treated them badly but despite this they weredetermined to pursue their dreams.


MC Lubisi – Xijahatana (Xitsonga)

Despite their poverty, Misaveni could not have wished for a better mother. However, when she dies, Misaveni is thrown into life at the deep end but he displays remarkable maturity for his age and embarks on a journey of self-discovery.


WR Chauke – Vito ra mina (Xitsonga finalist)

The election of Machovani to the Presidency of his party, and subsequently as the President of his country, is the culmination of a long cherished dream. However, he did not count on his ascent to the top being threatened by serious allegations.


MC Lubisi – N’wina (Xitsonga finalist)

This novel looks at the challenges faced by parents in bringing up children in a society besieged by drug and alcohol abuse, permissiveness, and materialism. Contention for control between parents and children’ influential friends is appalling.


P Tseole – Ke go jetse eng? (Setswana)

This absorbing novel is about the hatred between two neighbours, Boingotlo and MmaPebafalo, the priest’s wife. MmaPebafalo hates Boingotlo so much that she accuses her of being a witch. All the events in this novel are based on the power of hatred and the consequences of it.

HR Tshianane - Vhuanzwo (Tshivenda)

Murangi meets up with his former school friend, who is now a criminal involved in contraband smuggling, drug-trafficking, car hijacking and substance abuse. Unfortunately, he leads Murangi astray but their freedom is short-lived. Received the M-Net 2008 Awards Honourable Mention.