Maya Fowler – Om op eiers te dans (Afrikaans)

This dramatic youth novel is set on a farm in the Karoo. The story focuses in particular on the complex relationship between parents and children.


Jayne Bauling – Stepping solo (English)

Ketso worries all the time: about passing Grade 11, about being the head of the family, about his friends and most of all about how he can follow his late mother’s advice and grow up to be confident and independent. Ketso’s harsh yet hopeful story reaches a dramatic climax when a shocking secret is revealed after a hostage situation.

Ezra Mcebisi Nkohla - Ngenxa Yesithembiso (IsiXhosa)*

This is a page-turning thriller that deals with the present crime situation in South Africa. Dumile Jojo, a private detective, vows that he will bring some escaped prisoners back to jail. He encounters obstacles on his way to catching the criminals, risking almost getting himself and his pregnant fiancé killed.

*This title has been approved on the Grade 11 National Prescribed Literature Catalogue

Sello Samuel Mokua - Ke molato wa ga mang? (Setswana)

Nyasha moves to Harare for work and finds himself a girlfriend. However, he has an affair and this tears his relationship apart. His girlfriend goes to South Africa with their twins. In South Africa the twins get separated from their mother, resulting in a chaotic situation where one is left with the burning question, ‘Whose fault is it?’



Othusitse Moses Lobelo - Nthlomole Mmutlwa (Setswana finalist)*

Matsetseleko is motivated by his name to chase after his dreams. He runs away from home. Through his adventures he realises that he can achieve his goals only with the help of others.

*This title has been approved on the Grade 12 National Prescribed Literature Catalogue


Herbert Mokadi Lentsoane - Tshweu ya ditsebe (Sepedi)

After his long awaited child is born an albino, Tshehlo rejects the child and leaves home to live with another woman. The boy’s mother, Mmapelo, shows Lehumo her love in all possible ways. Lehumo works hard to overcome prejudice and eventually grows up to become a doctor. Tshehlo is kicked out by his new woman and ends up living on the streets. After an accident he is taken to hospital where he meets Lehumo. They find out that they father and son and Tshehlo realises his mistake and asks for forgiveness.

Mabonchi Goodwill Motimele - Ke Mojano (Sepedi finalist)

Although Bazooka has all the money he needs, he still tries hard to get more. This exciting novel shows that money changes the minds of people so that they end up not being able to differentiate between good and evil.