François Verster - Een teen Adamastor (Afrikaans)

Poela … Paul … Karriem … who is he really? And where is his home … the cave at Hangklip, or with his new friends from Sir Lowry’s Pass Village, or with his roots in Madagascar, or even further back, with royalty in Ceylon? Definitely not with his mother and sister, because they disappeared … and his father was murdered. And what will the stories about the emancipation of slaves mean for him as a renegade slave boy – freedom or a new imprisonment?


Maria Phalime - Second chances (English)

Thembi loves to read and dreams about becoming a doctor. Her plans for her future are roughly interrupted when she discovers the devastating truth about her father – and Thembi becomes increasingly attracted to an exciting lifestyle of money, parties and fast cars. What will it take to shock Thembi into taking control of her life again – and will it be too late?


Zukiswa Pakama - Idabi likasithembele (IsiXhosa)

There is nothing that Bhasophu, Sithembele’s father, did not do to warn his son against drug abuse. It was clear that Sithembele was getting deeper into the habit. Who could argue with such an arrogant person who listened only to his drug-addicted friends? The questions is will he eventually untangle himself from this web? Will he come out victorious in the battle?

Mandla Ndlovu - Imfihlo ngujuqu (IsiZulu)

Mpume finds life challenging after her husband goes to jail. She ends up making bad choices because she has to put food on the table for her family. When her husband is released from jail he begins to find out what she did. You will be glued from the beginning to the end.


Jimmy Moshidi - Tahlego maleka (Sepedi)

The story is about a girl who was abused, emotionally and sexually by her stepfather. She ran away to look for her real father who she heard was a foreigner. She found him and they both came back to South Africa but unfortunately things went wrong.

Lehlohonolo Mokoena - Mpho ya ka (Sesotho)

The story is about a woman who was pregnant, and wanted to abort the baby. She was convinced not to. She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy whom she gave to her aunt to raise. The boy eventually discovered that the mother who raised him is actually not his biological mother.

Richard Moloele - Itlho le le losi (Setswana)

The story is about a boy who had opportunities and misused them. He was an only child and his mother did everything for him, he attended the best schools yet ended up poor and jobless.


Connie M Lubisi – Ndzhwalo (Xitsonga)

Ndzhwalo is a Xitsonga word for “burden”. This novel reveals one of the realities facing our society. Vongani manages to conquer the stigma of being a product of rape and become a well-known footballer.