Math Tutor

An engaging and interactive tutorship programme designed to address learner-specific stumbling blocks, improve mathematical skills and unlock true potential.

Grade 9 to 12 learners benefit from a small group environment where they work through learner-specific print and digital content, allowing them to access better learning whenever and wherever they need it.

How our programme works

Lesson Structure

Math Tutor Programme

Tuition material

For a R200 registration fee, learners will receive all learning material relevant to the topic as they progress through the programme. This helps to break down the work that needs to be covered so that they do not feel overwhelmed.

Learners will receive access to our mobile learning app that provides the theory they require for each topic’s leveled quizzes to test their knowledge. Learners, parents and the tutor can use this platform to monitor progress and engagement.

Programme fees

R300 per month for a two hour session once a week.

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"I was just so amazed as when I got home she was bursting with excitement to explain the lovely times she shared with you and the others.  I was amazed because not many things excite this child of mine, she is very much of an introvert." - Mrs. Naidoo, Grade 10 parent.