Maths Tutorship Programme

Our Maths Tutorship programme is an engaging and interactive programme that was specifically designed to improve your child’s mathematical skills and boost their confidence to achieve their goals. Facilitated by a qualified Maths teacher, students benefit from a small-group environment where they enjoy individual attention, support, and encouragement from the tutor, while working alongside their peers.

How our programme works

• The weekly lessons are facilitated by a qualified Maths teacher.
• Learners receive 8 lessons per month (2 per week), each lasting 1.5 hours.
• Learners will receive a free optional lesson once a week during which individual queries will be dealt with.

Tuition material

Learners will receive:
• a file with the annual year planner.
• relevant learning material, staggered per topic so that learners are not overwhelmed.
• access to X-kit Achieve Mobile - our APP providing theory required for each topic and leveled quizzes to test knowledge. Learners, parents and the tutor can use this platform to monitor progress and engagement.

Programme fees

• Each lesson costs R100 and learners will receive 4 free optional lessons per month.
• Fees include all the relevant learning materials required for the programme.

In 2018 the program will be offered to:

• Grade 9 learners who would like to boost their marks for acceptance into Grade 10 Mathematics.
• Grade 11 learners who would need their Maths results for university applications.
• From 2019, the program will be offered to all High School learners

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Lesson Structure

Maths Tutorship Programme