Teacher Education and Leadership Academy

Passionate about unlocking education’s full potential


As an established global leader in curriculum and content development, assessment and testing and teacher training, Pearson delivers professional training courses to thousands of South African teachers and school leaders every year.

The Pearson Teacher Academy offers you and your teachers:


  • National coverage and support
  • Engaging, practical and content-rich training programmes
  • Customisable, research-based courses
  • Access to extensive online resources and networking opportunities


Training programmes are designed to deliver:


  • Sustainable improvements in learner achievement
  • Enhanced teacher subject expertiseImproved teacher retention through schools’ commitment to their professional development
  • Higher levels of professionalism and organisational expertise for school leaders and management teams


The Teacher Education & Leadership Academy is a professional development initiative from Pearson that provides teachers and school leaders with world-class, research-based professional development opportunities and resources to transform education in South Africa and help learners flourish.

Programmes offered by the Teacher Education & Leadership Academy focus on personal and professional development and are designed to empower teachers and unlock their potential.

The Academy equips teachers and school leaders with the knowledge, insights and practical tools to deliver positive results for schools and learners, to effectively transform their learning environments and enable their learners to flourish.

Pearson is an accredited service provider for training with courses accredited by the ETDP SETA (ETDP10461), and MICT SETA (LPA/00/2015/01/0002). Our courses are endorsed by SACE and participants can earn CPTD points.