Teacher academy course overview

Training Programmes Available

All Teacher Education & Leadership Academy programmes are designed to offer hands-on, activity-based learning with a good balance of theoretical knowledge and practical application. The courses have been created to deliver immediate positive results for schools and their learners.

Pearson is an accredited service provider for training with courses accredited by the ETDP SETA (ETDP10461), and MICT SETA (LPA/00/2015/01/0002). Our courses are endorsed by SACE and participants can earn CPTD points.

Course Name

Grade R theory and practice

The Grade R Theory and Practice Programme consists of Course 1 to 4 and is ETDP SETA accredited.

Who it's for

Grade R teachers who have to implement the new CAPS requirements, as well as ECD practitioners.


Skills, techniques and background knowledge on fundamental theories and practices in Grade R.

How to deliver stimulating, daily programmes to promote the development of Language, Mathematics and Life Skills.

Foundation Phase teachers who have to implement CAPS and teach English First Additional Language to their learners.

Skills, techniques and background knowledge on the teaching of English First Additional Language.

Intermediate phase teachers of mathematics.

Deeper knowledge of teaching techniques and classroom strategies.

Active, hands-on learning and practice, including peer teaching, observation, and feedback.

Grade 12 mathematics and accounting teachers.

A breakdown of key topics to be covered. Exam hints and tips and a guide to inform a learners’ approach to exams, to ensure the effective use of their time and existing knowledge.

Teachers of content subjects who have to teach in English, but whose learners do not speak English as a first language.

Skills, techniques and background knowledge on how to address the language needs of their learners.

ICT in Education

The ICT Beginners Programme consists of Course 1 to 4 and is MICT SETA accredited.

All teachers wanting to enhance the classroom experience for their learners and increase learning success.

Choose from 12 courses delivering a variety of outcomes from a general overview of ICT in education to a more in-depth focus on particular aspects of technology in education.

Current and prospective school managers and school leadership team members.

Skills, techniques and content knowledge that can be directly applied in the school environment to ensure effective management, leadership and guidance.

All teachers wanting to build their ability to integrate 21st century skills, tools and teaching strategies into classroom practice.

Deepen and expand participants’ knowledge of these skills and how to incorporate them into their classroom practices.