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Pearson produces some of South Africa’s most effective secondary school resources.

Our products work because they’re developed by teachers and tested in real classroom situations. We understand what learners really need – both at school and at home - and we recognise that young people learn in different ways. We also know that teachers need ongoing, practical support to do their best for their classes.

We’re always looking at how we can use new technology to make learning more interesting, more immediate, more fun. Our material is completely curriculum compatible and all of our materials comply with the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) of South Africa.

Written by experienced teachers, X-kit Achieve offers a wide range of CAPS-aligned study resources to support Grade 8 to 12 learners throughout the year. 

Learners can use X-kit Achieve Study Guides to prepare for tests and exams. They include step-by-step explanations, worked examples and plenty of exam practice.

Our new X-kit Achieve Literature Study Guides for Grade 10 to 12 prescribed literature makes nationally prescribed novels, dramas, poetry and short stories accessible to learners. They include detailed summaries and analysis, character descriptions, themes and exam guidelines.

X-kit Achieve Exam Practice Books are an important resource to help learners approach their exams with confidence. They follow the latest National Examination Guidelines and include full examination papers with complete memoranda.

Pearson understands that most learners today are immersed in the digital environment, so we developed an offering that helped learning meet them where they are most comfortable… online.

We have now launched an Android app version.

The Android version offers all the same features as the website: leveled quizzes, essential theory, helpful hints and worked solutions, all developed according to cognitive levels as per CAPS and Exam Guidelines. An additional and crucial feature of the app is the ability to work offline, which was a constant request from the existing X-kit Achieve Mobile user base.

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