Learning that goes beyond the basics

Kumon workbooks use a step-by-step, logical approach to help children master skills and stay motivated to learn on their own. Our workbooks are unique because they focus on teaching one specific skill from start to finish. Everything about our workbooks, from their sturdy paper to their engaging content, is designed with the best interests of your child in mind.

Current Promotion

Pearson is running a promotion with participating bookshops, when you purchase any two Kumon books you will receive a FREE stationery set. The stationery set consists of a pencil bag, ruler, pen, pencil, sharpener and eraser.

Participating bookshops

  • Exclusive Books Mall of the South
  • Exclusive Books Clearwater Mall
  • Exclusive Books Nicolway
  • Exclusive Books Morningside
  • Exclusive Books Melrose Arch
  • Exclusive Boks Greenstone
  • Exclusive Books Cresta
  • Exclusive Books Killarney Mall
  • Exclusive Books Fourways Mall
  • Exclusive Books Mall of Africa
  • Bargain Books Watercrest Mall
  • Bargain Books Umhlanga

For bookshop who would like to participate in this promotion, please contact your Pearson Sales Representative.

For more information on this promotion please contact our Customer Services department.

Email: pearsonza.enquiries@pearson.com or pearsonza.orders@pearson.com

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