Content rich and visually engaging, Platinum textbooks inspire teachers and learners to get the most out of every lesson.

Support materials such as target worksheets, audio CDs, ePlanners, and Question Bank CDs provide teachers with the tools to enhance their lessons, while flexible, engaging content enables them to teach one concept and migrate to another, all the while adhering to the CAPS curriculum.

Visual support, design and colour in the learners’ books strategically aid navigation, comprehension and understanding.

Written for CAPS by expert authors

  • Materials and support go beyond curriculum requirements
  • All Formal Assessment Tasks for the year are included in the learners’ book
  • Platinum teachers’ guides feature work schedules that guide teachers through the curriculum.


Superior content and design

  • Good quality, full-colour artwork aids comprehension and understanding
  • Design and layout helps teachers and learners cover content in a flexible way
  • Did you know? and Key Concept boxes extend learners’ knowledge and encourage critical thinking.


Teacher support saves time and engages learners

  • Downloadable workbooks for Grades 1-3 and 10
  • Audio CDs
  • ePlanner DVD
  • Extension and remediation worksheet books
  • Question bank CDs
  • Control test books