Sunrise Readers

Sunrise Readers are a delightful series of carefully structured reading books to be used in the teaching of reading in the first years of a child’s education in English.

The Sunrise Readers Reading Scheme consists of the revised Sunrise Readers books 1–10, and the original books 11–20, followed by the Sunrise Readers Blue and Red books for later grades.

What levels are the Sunrise Readers appropriate for?

Where teaching happens in English from preschool, with systematic teaching of sight words and phonics - as per the Teachers’ Guide - an average reader will complete Sunrise Readers as follows:

Grade One: Sunrise Readers Books 1 – 10
Grade Two: Sunrise Readers Books 11 – 20
Grade Three: Sunrise Readers Blue Books 1 – 3
Grade Four: Sunrise Readers Red Books 1 – 3

The Sunrise Readers are relevant to the child’s environment and experiences. Children will be introduced to sight words and vocabulary accumulates gradually.

The popular ‘Do This’ comprehension exercises are introduced from Book 6. Along with giving children essential practice, these exercises provide teachers with useful assessments of the children’s understanding and comprehension of each story and of the vocabulary introduced. Simple ‘Do This’ exercises and teacher tips for Books 1–5 are available, along with other valuable resources.

A simple, user-friendly Teacher’s Guide accompanies the Sunrise Readers Reading Scheme and is free to download.

Friends - Book 1

Story Time - Book 4

Story Time - Book 4

Friends Book 2

Work and Play - Book 2

We Come and Go - Book 5

We Come and Go - Book 5

Home and School Book 3

Home and School - Book 3

Family and Friends - Book 6

Family and Friends - Book 6

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