X-kit Achieve

X-kit Achieve supports high school learners to reach their goals and achieve the best results they possibly can.

Written by expert teachers, X-kit Achieve offers a wide range of study resources to make learning, understanding, revising and practising for tests and exams easy.

X-kit Achieve Study Guides help learners prepare for tests and exams. They include step-by-step explanations, worked examples and plenty of exam practice.

X-kit Achieve Literature Study Guides makes nationally prescribed novels, dramas, poetry and short stories accessible to learners. They include detailed summaries and analysis, character descriptions, themes and exam guidelines.

X-kit Achieve Exam Practice Books are an important resource to help learners approach their exams with confidence. They follow the latest National Examination Guidelines and include full examination papers with complete memoranda.

X-kit Achieve Workbooks enables Grade 8 and 9 learners to practise and apply their skills, improving their results. They are filled with worked examples, exercises and practice tests for each term.

Help learners approach their tests and exams with confidence with X-kit Achieve.

X-kit Achieve is available from all leading bookstores and online retailers.

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