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Welcome to the October edition of the Pearson South Africa TVET newsletter where you can find the latest news from the TVET sector including our recent eventsat various colleges, our new titles for 2016 and interviews with our authors Johan Van Antwerpen and Pamela Vale.


TVET colleges in Bloemfontein, Polokwane and Cape Town reimagining learning

Pearson recently hosted interactive workshops at Northlink, Capricorn and Motheo TVET colleges where lecturers had the opportunity to meet and interact with industry specialists and Pearson authors such as Kiru Truman and Frikkie o’ Connell. These respected authors shared their experience of Pearson learning solutions that will assist lecturers to achieve improved educational outcomes.

The workshops were attended by college management who were interested in discovering more about Pearson’s curated content, innovative digital solutions and services that students’ need in order to become workplace ready.

The workshops had a strong focus on assisting colleges with the development of an elearning strategy and highlighted the journey that colleges should take to ensure that you cover the essential steps when implementing your elearning strategy. Alan Tait, Executive Director Sales highlighted elearning enablers such as infrastructure and support and emphasised the need for professional facilitation and ongoing support when rolling out an effective elearning plan.

If you were unable to attend the workshops and need assistance with developing your eLearning Strategy, Pearson is able to assist you with an interactive consultation workshop at your college. To make an appointment for a consultation please contact donald.stevens@pearson.com

Pearson would like to thank Northlink TVET college, Capricorn TVET college and Motheo TVET colleges for hosting the TVET events at your colleges.

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Test and Improve helps Mopani SE improve students’ results

We asked Mrs Botha, the Curriculum Manager at Mopani SE TVET college, about her experience using Test and Improve for her maths students, and this is what she had to say:

Why did you decide to use Test and Improve?

We realised a long time ago that our Maths results were a problem. We faced the challenge of identifying our students’ weak areas. We considered using a diagnostic assessment service, however time and money was not in our favour. At that time, we saw a Pearson advertisement for ready-made assessments and decided that Test and Improve was the best way to go.

What did you find most valuable about Test and Improve?

Having identified the areas or what you define as sub-skills i.e. the weak-spots in general, that was the biggest advantage”.

Did Test and Improve meet your expectations?

I got more than I expected. The graphical explanation of it was very helpful.

Will you be using Test and Improve again this year?

We have ordered the second round of assessments for English, so we are already going to do it for another subject”.

I had a very positive experience and I think this can really add value. I am a strong believer in what you guys are doing with Test and Improve.

Test and Improve is Pearson's diagnostic assessment service for Maths, Maths Literacy and English at NCV levels 2, 3 and 4.

Learn more about Test and Improve

Download the Test and Improve order form

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Visit by Lephalale and Sekhukhune to MGI campus

Pearson's Midrand Graduate Institute (MGI) campus in Midrand enjoyed a recent visit by management and lecturers from Sekhukhune and Lephalale TVET colleges to attend an elearning conference facilitated by Pearson and MGI staff members.

The campus tour afforded lecturers the opportunity to inspect the campus facilities and to better understand what it takes to deliver enhanced learning with the help of technology.

“Introducing Technology into teaching and learning brings opportunities to enhance the educational experience for lecturers and students. With the help of an experienced partner, TVET colleges have the opportunity to take advantage of these opportunities”.  Alan Tait Pearson Sales and Marketing Executive.

Pearson has installed full connectivity and Wi-Fi at our MGI and CTI campuses effectively enabling 13 campuses and 14 000 students across South Africa. We also provided tablet orientation for lecturers and students. The delegation of lecturers from Sekhukhune and Lephalale TVET colleges were able to experience the scale of delivery of elearning at CTI/MGI first hand during the visit.

Some of the lessons we have learnt while rolling out connectivity and hardware at MGI/CTI:

  • need to conduct lecturer and student perception and usage surveys
  • internal communication campaign is necessary to create awareness and get buy-in from students and staff
  • change management is essential for effective implementation of digital solutions
  • training and orientation for students and lecturers is essential.


Professional development courses earn accreditation

Did you know that Pearson South Africa has full accreditation with the MICT Seta (Media, Information and Communication Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority).

In Pearson’s ICT in Education course, participants will be assessed during the training by completing their portfolios to gain credits on Levels 2, 3 and 4 and receive a certificate endorsed by the MICT Seta as well as attain registration on the National Learner Record Database (NLRD). The ICT in Education Course 1 consists of a number of unit standards making up 4 separate learning programmes - Introduction to Technology, Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Presentations.

On completion of Course 1, participants can continue with Course 2, which takes Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) in education to the next level. The focus then shifts from operational competence to strategic application, helping lecturers to design lessons using advanced ICT tools yet applying sound methodology.

Pearson is a SACE endorsed training provider, with courses accredited by the Education, Training, and Development Practices (ETDP) SETA and the Media, Information and Communication Technologies (MICT) SETA.

Lecturer Academy now offers new 21st Century Skills course


Learn the 21st Century Skills needed with Pearson's new Lecturer Education and Leadership Academy course

The 21st Century Skills course is designed to deepen and expand lecturers’ knowledge of 21st Century skills, tools, and teaching strategies and integrate them into classroom practice.

The course enables lecturers to integrate the five Cs’ – Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Cross Cultural Competence – within the TVET curriculum.

At Pearson, we understand that lecturer development is critical to the success of students in the TVET sector. 

The Lecturer Education & Leadership Academy offers a range of practical professional development courses that equip you with the knowledge, insights and tools to transform your learning environment. Our TVET featured courses are 21st Century Skills, Accessing the Language of Learning and Teaching using the SIOP model andICT in Education.

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Meet two of our experienced authors

Two of our authors shared their thoughts on the vocational sector. Let's see what they had to say!

Johan Van Antwerpen, author of the Pathways to Automotive Repair and Maintenance level 2 and the FCS Automotive Repair and Maintenance levels 3 and 4.

I have over 25 years experience in the vocational sector having worked in a number of organisations. I am currently employed by Barloworld equipment as a Senior Technical Instructor on a 15 month contract and am currently establishing a training facility to train earth moving equipment mechanics to maintain the caterpillar machines on the mines. The first group of students started in January 2015 with theoretical training and will be doing practical training from the end of June.

I was fortunate enough to be part of the team that developed the new curriculum. We did a lot of research with industry and colleges to determine the needs and short comings of the old curriculum, therefore I had a better insight of what was expected from the new editions and this contributed alot to the material development.

Students must not only focus on passing the examinations but must be able to apply the knowledge in the workplace. Being employed in the industry is not just about a job but rather about building a career.

What inspires me to work in this sector is passion for the job and making a difference in someone’s life.

Johan Van Antwerpen- Pearson author

Meet Pamela Vale, one of our Fundamentals authors :

Pamela Vale, author of the FCS English FAL levels 2, 3 and 4.

I am currently a lecturer at Rhodes University in the Faculty of Education, in addition to being a PhD scholar conducting research into the TVET sector.

I have worked in a number of roles in my career, including TVET lecturer at Port Elizabeth College, before joining Rhodes University as a lecturer.

The curriculum requires students to have access to technology in order to do research on the internet and prepare multimedia presentations. Infrastructure constraints do make this challenging for some colleges.

Another challenge is the limited time available for teaching and learning to take place. The curriculum is full, and completing it timeously requires careful organisation. 

There are three areas of English proficiency that are addressed in the curriculum and are therefore the focus of our textbooks: academic proficiency; workplace communication and critical literacy. As our world becomes more globalised, all three of these areas of English proficiency are becoming increasingly important.

The ability to read critically is underestimated in its value for all students, whether they aim to enter the workplace immediately or pursue higher education. This is not something that can necessarily be explicitly taught, but lecturers can facilitate its development. This will allow them to flourish in any course and workplace situation.

It is inspiring to see young people , many of whom would not have otherwise have had the opportunity to study further, gain the skills that allow them to enter the workplace and become individuals who contribute to the growth of the South African economy.

Pamela Vale – Pearson author

Your survey results are in!

Thank you to all the lecturers and managers at TVET colleges who provided feedback to our 2015 TVET catalogue survey.

The feedback from the survey shows that TVET colleges found it very valuable.

Look out for the new catalogue due to be released in September 2015.Congratulations to the following people who have won a Powerbank in the Pearson TVET catalogue survey competition:

Winners of the Powerbank will also be notified by email and your prize will be sent to you shortly.


A Barkley

Fay Moosa

Makgauta Maduna

L Stemmet

M Ntsoakia

Linda- Sedcol

Masalesa Madumetja


Yolanda- Esayedi

Charimaine Carol

Lindiwe T

Thato 03


T Singh


F Siboza

D Maqoaelane

Noxolo - Esayidi

Florence C

Mcanthura Majntk

Raisha Singh

Jacon Malau Magubane Majcao

J Du Preez

Nhlanhla Ndlovu

S Morongwa

R Kanwa

Marian Theron

J Shamima Khithi


J De Wet

Gene Prins

Mthethwa Zwelethu

K Randall

Yasmeen Essop

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