June 2016 - Lead & Learn


Welcome to the June edition of the Pearson TVET newsletter, where you'll find the latest news from Pearson. Discover the new Test and Improve intervention service for Maths and English; the MyPearson PD professional development app; and our Beyond the Book seminars. Learn about our new learning solutions from our Head of Learning Services, Kabedi Mpopote.

Brian Phike

TVET Director: Sales, Pearson

Deputy Minister leads by inspiration


Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training Mduduzi Manana highlighted the need to address the challenge of access to education and emphasised the importance of improving the quality of education at TVET colleges at the 2nd ICT conference for SA colleges. In addressing the need raised by Deputy Minister Manana, Alan Tait, from Pearson, described the ways in which Technology and Innovation can help to provide greater access to quality education at the event hosted by hosted by Gert Sibande college.

Alan focused on developing an eLearning strategy as the best approach to use when implementing new technology or innovation. Pearson was proud to be the main sponsor of this years’ event. The theme for the conference was Inspiration for Integrated Innovation and Information and the goal of the conference was to enhance teaching and learning through the use of technology. The conference was held from 13- 15 April 2016 at Graceland Casino in Secunda, Mpumalanga.

On the final day, the conference hosted a panel of experts to discuss the value of digital resources in addressing the challenges that TVET colleges face. The panel comprised the DHET’s Rohelna Burger (Curriculum Development and Support) and Trudie Van Wyk (Head of Open Learning), Beverley Wharton Hood, Director of Learning Innovation at Pearson, Brian Phike, Pearson’s Director of TVET Sales, and the SRC president Aaron Nhlapho from Gert Sibande college. Beverley Wharton-Hood focused on the way in which eLearning can personalise the learning experience for students, helping every student get the attention they need in order to be successful.

“Technology can be used to address the challenge of skills shortages amongst students entering TVET colleges. TVET colleges can make a measurable impact on throughput and certification rates by addressing Reading, Writing and Maths skills shortages”, said Beverley.  She described how an online digital solution such as MyFoundationsLab could address these challenges. Contact your Pearson Key Account Manager to find out more about MyFoundationsLab.



Sekhukhune TVET college share their strategy to overcome poor maths results


Mrs Mapula Matlala, a Maths lecturer from Sekhukhune TVET College recently approached Pearson to assist her with the challenge of poor maths results at her college. The Pearson assessment services team agreed that the best solution for Mrs Matlala would be Test and Improve, an innovative diagnostic assessment and intervention service that has successfully been tried and tested by TVET colleges.




What learning need did you want to address at your college?

The challenge that we wanted to overcome was students’ poor results in Mathematics. Most of our students are from high schools and we can’t verify the authenticity of their reports. Often students are pushed through school as they can’t fail two phases more than once. They enrol at TVET colleges with grade nine, however they don’t qualify to be in grade nine. When they are in class we generalise and teach them the same way. Certain students however need individual attention.

What was the advantage of using Test and Improve at your college?

With Test and Improve we get to know each student and the type of attention they need, so that we will know our students on an individual level.

What did you find most valuable about Test and Improve?

The value was that the questions were relevant to the curriculum. We also found that as the students were writing you could see that the levels of the questions were different.

How did lecturers respond to Test and Improve?

With one word I would say positively! It addressed our challenges - after receiving the results we could see where individual students lacked. We addressed this by employing peer tutors so that they could provide extra lessons.

How did your college use the Test and Improve reports provided?

After the results, the reports were given to the students. The students could understand that, for example, in Geometry this is where they are lacking, and in Algebra this is where they are lacking.

Lecturers could also see which student needed help and in which subskill they required further development, which helped a lot. The report was detailed and the language was understandable.

Has the Test impacted on your understanding of your students?

It helped because at first we used to generalise - you just teach the whole class. Because of Test and Improve I now know which students understand more and which understand less. For those who are lacking in any area, I know their abilities and can group them accordingly. I can now work with individual students rather then generalising.

How has your understanding of your students changed since using Test and Improve?

My students are not the same, their abilities are not the same. They don’t understand in the same way. Some need individualised attention. Some students can help other students. Some are slower than others and you need to take your time. I have learnt that Peer learning is very valuable.

How has this improved your ability to manage the class?

It has improved because now I can trust more students to assist with peer learning because I now know that certain students can help others and I can group them according to their abilities.

Has the Test impacted on your planning for the year?

Yes it has because we now understand that we must have peer tutors to help close the gap in the areas where there is a need.

Would you recommend Test and Improve to other colleges?

Yes I will recommend Test and Improve because if we look at the national results, all colleges have the same results. We can see that students entering TVET colleges need the basics and so I will definitely recommend it.

Mapula Matlala, Maths lecturer Sekhukhune TVET college.

Kabedi Mpopote moves on to head up Learning Services


Kabedi Mpopote, was recently promoted to Head of Learning Services: Vocational at Pearson. To find out what innovative solutions can be expected from Pearson in 2016 and how he sees his exciting new role, Click here for a video interview with Kabedi. Kabedi previously served as Key Account Manager for the Western, Eastern and Northern Cape.


What do you do as Head of Learning Services at Pearson?

My team and I develop learning solutions that are relevant for the TVET sector. We listen and do market research and develop solutions that are going to speak to the needs of the sector. I started my new role in January 2016.

What can TVET colleges expect from Pearson in 2016?

This year we are going to complete our series’ by making sure we have a book at Level 2, 3 and 4 so that lecturers have a consistent approach throughout their course. We offer a variety of digital learning solutions such as DigiKit, our digital content library of curriculum based assets for the NCV.  We are converting all Pearson titles to eBooks. We also offer lecturer resources. We will be converting all our older titles to ePDF’s and offering them as lecturer resources including lesson planning and powerpoint slides. This year, we’re aiming to support lecturers with as much help as they need.

How would you describe Pearson as a brand?

We have a variety of learning solutions that we work on, which include more than just publishing books. We’re innovating in the areas of digital learning solutions, assessment and intervention services and professional development.

What was your main reason for joining Pearson?

My main reason for joining Pearson was that I heard about Pearson’s vision to transform from being a publishing company to being an educational company that provides solutions and makes solutions that make life much better for schools, TVET colleges and universities.

Tell us about your career history.

I started in the TVET sector in 2009 as a lecturer for a period of three years and then moved to head office to work as a monitoring manager, my role there was to make sure the academic delivery happens effectively at the college. I have spent 7 years in the TVET sector.

What major goal do you have, in 2016, for the TVET sector?

We would like to broaden our author pool, and ensure that our SME’e (Subject matter experts) are from the TVET sector. This will strengthen our partnerships within the sector. This year we’re actively striving to engage with our partners on a regular basis.

Overcome technology implementation challenges

TVET Technology
TVET Technology

To improve the technology implementation skills of lecturers and college management, Pearson has expanded its ICT in Education programme which now includes an additional course: ICT’s for leaders, leading and driving the change. This new course will equip college management and leaders to manage transformation, mentor and coach staff and monitor and evaluate the benefits of ICT’s.

To find out more click here.

As an eLearning champion at a TVET college, you have a wide range of innovative eLearning technologies available, and you may be facing the seemingly challenging prospect of implementing them at your college. There are a few things to consider before you make that investment. To ensure that your eLearning technologies do not end up gathering dust in the college storeroom, you need to ensure that the implementation process is well planned and delivers optimal results.

Some of the factors that need to be considered include choosing an eLearning path for your institution, monitoring and evaluating ICT integration, and managing change to ensure desired outcomes are achieved.

TVET College Management in the Western Cape recently attended a Pearson workshop to gain the skills and tools to effectively implement ICT’s at their colleges.

The ICT in Education can be taken at anytime and depending on the number of attendees, the course can be offered at your college or at a Pearson venue. Contact your Pearson Key Account manager for a personalised quote. Click here to view details on the ICT’s for leaders course offered by

Pearson‘s Lecturer Education and Leadership Academy

Considerations when choosing digital learning resources


Digital learning resources are now available for the Fundamentals and Primary Health subjects at NCV level 2 and 3. These curriculum aligned assets can be delivered online or offline through a Pearson learning programme or digital content library. The level 3 courses build on the course content created in level 2 in a way that students will recognise and be familiar with.

The internet makes content readily available for lecturers to access however, knowing which resources and content to use can be challenging. In the TVET sector, content needs to be curriculum aligned if it is to prepare students for their end of year exams.  It also needs to be of a high standard, based around sound learning theory, and at the same time capture student interest and attention.

How do you know that the content that you are using is actually effective?

At Pearson, we have developed an accessible digital content library of resources available for online and offline use.  The engaging digital resources have been created specifically for the NC(V) curriculum and are available for the Fundamentals and Primary Health fields at NC(V) levels two and three.Pearson uses learning pedagogy to provide lecturers with digital resources that are designed to deliver effective teaching and learning. 

Contact your Pearson Key Account Manager to find out more about Pearson’s online and offline digital resources to help your students flourish.

21st Century Skills for 21st Century Lecturers


Integrating technology into colleges may require lecturers to develop new skills, which is why Pearson recently launched the MyPearson PD application. This app provides lecturers with training support materials, lecturer resources and tools, industry news and articles, and much more.

How to get started?

1. Download MyPearson PD onto your mobile phone ortablet from the Google Playstore on Android devices or the Apple Store on Apple devices.  

2. Register your details and begin to explore.

3. Go to the PD Courses tab to view the range of courses available.


Avoid the obstacles in eBook implementation


Mrs Khumalo a Primary Health lecturer from Gert Sibande TVET college uses Pearson ebooks in her course, we asked her to share her experience of implementing eBooks at her college.

With eBooks being used more frequently by TVET colleges around South Africa, there are lessons that can be learnt by colleges that are already using eBooks in their teaching.

Mrs Khumalo, Primary Health lecturer at Gert Sibande’s  top tips for implementing ebooks

  • If you have a tablet it doesn’t mean that that you have everything you need. Lecturers need to know how to navigate and use the tablet optimally.
  • Preparation is very important, without it lecturers won’t find it very easy to use tablets.
  • Lecturer training is an important component to the success of eBook implementations. 
  • Tablets offer a new way for lecturers to interact with students. 
  • Lecturer training can provide the tools and insights you need to confidently teach using technology.

Beyond the Book events attract colleges from KZN, Gauteng, Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga


Pearson took TVET colleges Beyond the Book through a series of national interactive seminars held at various colleges recently. Buffalo City, Central Johannesburg, Nkangala and Elangeni colleges chose to host these insightful and interactive Beyond the Book seminars, which helped colleges to find innovative learning solutions for their unique challenges.

At the seminars, college lecturers and management had the opportunity to meet expert Pearson authors Ashley Naicker and Adhir Hurjunlal from Majuba TVET college and the Pearson team to find out more about interactive digital solutions and assessment and intervention services.

This year Pearson shared learning solutions designed to help college management to fast track strong foundations with a special focus on addressing skills gaps in Mathematics. The focus of the seminar was providing the tools and skills colleges need to improve Mathematics, English, Life Orientation, Computer Skills, Engineering and Report 191 curriculums.

Contact your Pearson Key Account Manager  if you would like to take your college Beyond the Book and find out more about the range of content, digital solutions and professional development and assessment services that Pearson has to offer.

Pearson named as one of the most sustainable corporations in the world


For the second year, Pearson has been included in the Global 100 World's Most Sustainable Corporations. The 2016 list was recently unveiled at the World Economic Forum and is drawn from over 4,600 listed global companies. The assessment covers social impact, environmental performance and corporate governance.

Contact the Pearson Key Account Manager in your region to find out about any of the content, digital solutions or Learning Services Pearson has to offer.