Fundamentals workbooks

Our workbooks give your students the opportunity to systematically practice important skills in particular subjects. 

Our  workbooks offer you:

  • comprehensive exercises for additional practice for your students
  • model answers provided at the back of the book
  • use of our workbooks alongside any approved NC(V) textbook in the classroom or bundled with any Pearson textbook. 

Titles available:


FCS Maths Literacy Workbook L2

  • ISBN: 9781775788645
  • Authors: A le Roux, C Pretorius


FCS Maths Literacy Workbook L3

  • ISBN: 9781775951261
  • Author: A Trollope


FCS Maths Literacy Workbook L4

  • ISBN: 9781775957638
  • Author: A Trollope


FCS Mathematics Workbook L2

  • ISBN: 9781770257443
  • Author: K Morrison


FCS Mathematics Workbook L3

  • ISBN: 9781775782315
  • Author: Mathslink
Maths Workbook

Titles Available


FCS Mathematics Workbook L4

  • ISBN: 9781775782629
  • Author: Mathslink


FCS English FAL Workbook L2

  • ISBN: 9781775788638
  • Author: E Southey


FCS English FAL Workbook L3 2nd Edition

  • ISBN: 9781775951254
  • Author: K Truman


FCS English FAL Workbook L4

  • ISBN: 9781775957645
  • Author: K Truman