Lecturer Guides

Our lecturer guides provide you with support in implementing the new curriculum as well as answers to all exercises and activities from the student books. 
Content is introduced from easy to difficult, and spread across the qualification in a systematic manner, allowing for progression. The guides’ tools and activities help give you access to your students’ progress and competence.

Pearson lecturer guides include:

• PowerPoint slides or chapter summaries and all illustrative material in the book 
• model answers for chapter assessments and guidelines for learning activities in the book 
• checklists and mark allocations for each question 
• assessment rubrics for chapter assessments 
• a curriculum matrix to show how the chapters of the FCS series match the outcomes in the assessment guidelines 
• Department of Education subject and assessment guidelines for the subject and level 
• suggested answers for learning activities and guidelines for the portfolio of evidence (POE) 
• information on outcomes-based education

Our lecturer guides are provided free of charge to prescribing lecturers.

For a full list of our lecturer guides, view or download our Pearson TVET pricelist or Pearson TVET catalogue