About SIOP

Accessing the Language of Learning and Teaching (LOLT) using the SIOP model

Breaking through the language barrier

At Pearson, we understand that TVET lecturers who teach content subjects to second language English speakers could save time, and be more efficient, by learning the skills to help these students succeed.

That’s why, based on 15 years of research, Pearson created the SIOP® lecturer training model, to assist lecturers in breaking through the language barrier at TVET colleges.

We have successfully trained more than 1 100 teachers and TVET lecturers across South Africa using the SIOP model.

Our SIOP course provides:

• The training and support needed to overcome the language barrier
• Development of the learners’ language skills in the Language of Learning and Teaching (LOLT)

With 11 official languages in South Africa, SIOP helps you tackle the challenges you face as a TVET lecturer.

SIOP Course Overview

Our course is divided into 8 modules covered over 5 days:

Accessing the LOLT using the SIOP model

Module 1: Lesson Preparation
Module 2: Building Background
Module 3: Comprehensible Input
Module 4: Interaction
Module 5: Strategies
Module 6: Practice and Application
Module 7: Lesson Delivery
Module 8: Review and Assessment
Using the SIOP model - At a glance

Using the SIOP model allows you to:

• Improve the performance of your students, no matter what subject you teach.
• Highlight the important role language plays in the teaching and learning of content subjects.
• Gain skills, techniques and knowledge to address the language needs of students in a content classroom.
• Learn a teaching methodology that will improve your confidence, effectiveness and motivation.
Our SIOP course is hands-on and activity-based, with lots of opportunities to practice.

To learn more about SIOP, please contact your Key Account Manager or phone our Customer Services team on 021 532 6000

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