Longman Dictionaries

Express yourself with confidence

Our ongoing aim is to get all our users to communicate confidently in English. Longman has led the way in English language teaching dictionaries since 1935, and each new edition uses the latest technology to ensure that it provides every possible support. 

Why Longman Dictionaries?

  • Easy to understand - our dictionary definitions are based on the Longman defining vocabulary. 
  • 2 000 of the most common English words – so Longman definitions are always easy to understand. 
  • Real English - compiled using the Longman Corpus Network – a database of 330 million words from a wide range of real-life sources - so you see English as it’s really used. 
  • Natural phrases and collocations - working with the Longman Corpus Network,
    we can give full coverage of thousands of natural word combinations or collocations. 
  • Difference between speaking and writing - by using the pioneering Longman Spoken Corpus – a collection of recordings of over 3 000 English speakers – we’re able to provide helpful information on the difference between spoken and written English. 
  • Avoid common mistakes - Longman dictionaries are written specially for learners to make sure that they get all the help they need to avoid common mistakes. 

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