We’re proud to produce a range of successful titles for the TVET market, designed to meet the needs of the NC(V) curriculum and maximise learning potential.

We consult with industry and legal experts, artisans, college lecturers and professional bodies to create on content that will improve student skills as well as inspire critical, creative and independent thinking.

At Pearson, we develop material that:

  • combines educationally sound theory and practice
  • includes academic learning and workplace perspectives

Our Student Books equip your students with user-friendly, logical and easily understood textbooks that support an enriched learning experience. 

Pearson Student Books offer you:

  • real life examples and workplace-oriented activities 
  • instant access to additional content via QR codes at the end of each unit in the textbook
  • access to study tools whenever, wherever via Study on the Go.keywords highlighted with glossary at the back 
  • topic assessment at the end of each topic for revision 
  • a curriculum plan to show which outcomes are covered in each topic
  • accessible, easy to understand language 

Our Lecturer Guides offer you: 

  • support in implementing the new curriculum 
  • answers to all activities and exercises from student book
  • content is introduced systematically from easy to difficult to allow for progression
  • tools and activities to help access each student’s progress

Our vocational books are approved by the Department of Higher Education and Training for the new curriculum and designed to help each of your students achieve success in their course.