International titles

Experienced educators have long partnered with us to create world class content that serves your curriculum and supports great teaching. Working with Pearson, leading experts in their fields like Philip Kotler, Neil Campbell, Philip Zimbardo, John Sloman, Nigel Slack, Jonathan Herring and William Wilson have combined their pedagogical and discipline knowledge to create a solid foundation for an engaging and effective learning experience.  

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Local titles

We’re proud to produce a range of successful titles for the local Higher Education market that are designed to maximise learning potential.

At Pearson, we consult with industry experts, legal experts, lecturers and professional bodies on content that will improve your students’ skills, as well as inspire critical, creative and independent thinking.

We develop material that:

  • Combines educationally sound theory and practice
  • Includes academic learning and workplace perspectives
Variety of local and international titles from content specialists worldwide
  • Locally relevant Case studies
  • Interactive and engaging content with QR Codes and Study on the Go


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Custom publishing

Pearson’s custom publishing programme began in response to customers’ desire to create textbooks or online resources that match the content of their course. Every university course is unique, and custom publishing allows for a bespoke product created by you for your students and your course.

We now have over 500 users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa who benefit from a close fit of academic material for their course. There are no limits to what you can achieve with custom publishing. The diverse range of products that we have created are the result of our customers’ creativity. Your content choice The content of your customised product is completely up to you. Pearson is the world’s leading learning company and creates high-quality content – from Accounting to Zoology. There are thousands of pages of content from which to choose. You don’t need to limit your choice to just our materials – anything you have produced yourself can be included in your customised product. Pearson custom publishing gives you the freedom to design your course materials based on exactly what and how you want to teach.


You can:

  • create your own cover from our high-quality modern designs or provide your own image to create a completely bespoke cover
  • add your own name, course and university logo to the cover
  • write your own preface
  • adapt the table of contents to match your lectures
  • tailor online resources to reflect your institution’s needs
  • choose to receive your book in print or e-format.

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