Becoming a Teacher Second Edition

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Effective teachers are reflective practitioners and lifelong learners, and take charge of their own personal and professional development. With this overarching principle, and drawing on research in psychology, educational theory, teaching methodology and social justice, Becoming a Teacher describes the skills and knowledge teachers require, including:

• reflecting for, in and on practice
• being a caring practitioner
• building educational theory
• interpreting, designing and implementing curricula
• mediating learning in the classroom
• assessing learners
• managing the classroom
• using traditional and new media and technologies
• serving society and facilitating transformation
• creating an inclusive learning environment
• doing classroom action research.

This essential textbook for teacher education students and practising teachers forms a benchmark for teaching in South Africa. Now in a much expanded second edition, Becoming a Teacher is a concise introduction to the knowledge and skills required to be an excellent teacher in classrooms today. The authors critically look at effectively using new technologies in the classroom, but they also offer guidelines to engage learners by using a shoestring approach in under-resourced classrooms.

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