Handbook for Grade R Teaching Second Edition

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The Handbook for Grade R Teaching Second Edition is a comprehensive textbook for students focusing on Grade R. The book premise is that a child’s early years are crucial to the development of their full potential using play as mode of learning and teaching.

The book follows an integrated and inclusive approach within the various South African Grade R contexts. The book is written to support students in the presentation of Language, Mathematics and Life Skills lessons and activities according to current policies, while including latest international research and trends in early childhood education.

The first five chapters deal with the theories of teaching and learning and inclusive education. These chapters also serve as the theoretical basis for the sections on Language, Mathematics and Life Skill teaching.

Handbook for Grade R Teaching provides support for student teachers and practising teachers in the form of:
· classroom tips
· practical examples of activities to illustrate the theory
· case studies and scenarios
· ideas to address under-resourced classrooms
· inclusive education as main feature in the South African Grade R-class.

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