An Introduction to Ethos of Nursing fourth Edition

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Since it first appeared in 1985, An Introduction to the Ethos of Nursing has been the most widely used textbook on the topic for basic nursing students. The 4th Edition is the most extensively revised edition to date – reflecting the wide-ranging changes in society, healthcare and nursing in recent years.

In order to guide students towards applying a worthy ethos in their future nursing practice, the content is now presented in four sections which flow logically from one to the next.

Section I – Being human. This section focuses on every person as an individual human being with a moral nature and moral values.

Section II – Being a nurse. This section takes a look at what nursing and being a nurse is, also considering the theory and philosophy which shape nursing and the factors that influence who nurses are and what they do.

Section III - Being part of a profession. This section covers the development of nursing from ancient times until the present. This is followed by an overview of what it means to be part of the unique profession of nursing.

Section IV – Nursing in modern society. Nursing does not occur in a vacuum but is continuously shaped by broader society. Societal influences include legislation, as well as national and international developments, initiatives and directives.

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