HIV/AIDS Care & Counselling sixth Edition

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Since the first edition of HIV and AIDS Education, Care and Counselling was published almost 20 years ago, it has become the standard handbook in Africa for thousands of HIV and Aids practitioners.

However, ongoing HIV and Aids research requires regular revisions to the handbook for it to remain current with developments in prevention and treatment. Consequently, this new edition has been updated with input from two new specialist co-authors. This has strengthened the multicultural and multidisciplinary approach of this edition to Africa’s unique challenges.

Key updates:

This edition includes a wealth of new information for healthcare practitioners on nursing care principles covering co-infections and complications of HIV infection and ART; infection control; and management of
TB, drug-resistant TB, STIs and comorbidities.

Specifically, the sixth edition includes:

• the latest ARV protocols in South Africa
• the WHO’s best practice suggestions
• antiretroviral treatment as prevention
• HIV, TB and STI prevention and management for schoolchildren, aligned with the Department of Basic Education’s Life Skills and Life Orientation criteria
• development of children and adolescents from traditional, communal or collectivistic backgrounds
• the Dual Process Model (DPM), focusing on the latest research in bereavement counselling.

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