Pharmacology for Nurses Fourth Edition

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One of the most important functions that nurses have is the handling and administration of all drug schedules for patients under their care. Another vital function is the monitoring of their patients’ responses to these drug schedules. Both functions are crucial in making sure that patients under their care benefit optimally from the drug therapy they receive.

In order to ensure that nurses are fully competent to carry out these critical functions of drug handling, administration and evaluation, the content of this fourth edition of Pharmacology for Nurses has been updated to include the most recent developments in drug therapy. For example, the chapter on administration of drugs to patients has been expanded. Similarly, the section on therapeutic uses of alpha agonists now includes subsections on cardiac arrest, as well as on hypotension and shock.

The design of this fourth edition of Pharmacology for Nurses has also been updated to incorporate recent innovations in layout and in digital technology.

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