A Southern African Perspective on Fundamental Criminology Second Edition

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The second edition of A Southern African Perspective on Fundamental Criminology provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamental elements of criminology.
The book aims to explain the nature and extent of crime, the reactions to crime, the impact of crime, reasons why crime occurs and ways in which we can deal with off enders. Criminology in practice is covered, in addition to highlighting the functioning of the criminal justice system.

Content includes:

• an up-to-date and bold emphasis on Southern African crime, with examples of cases.
• critical thinking activities that encourage the reader to question the nature of crime and criminality.
• a strong focus on the practice of criminology and the future of the fi eld in Southern Africa.
• insights by some of South Africa’s most prominent academics in the fi eld.
• a combination of criminology theory and practice to allow for a better understanding.
• examples to contextualise criminology and crime in the African context.

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