Pearson provides a comprehensive range of eBooks for you and your students to effectively support the teaching and learning process – and at a reduced price to that of the printed textbook.

We are proud to offer you the support of a trusted partner with widespread experience in implementing eBook solutions at educational institutions.
Our VitalSource eBooks are the full text downloaded to your computer.
Pearson VitalSource eBooks are downloaded to your computer and accessible offline and online through the VitalSource Bookshelf app. To get the most out of your Pearson VitalSource eBook you need to download the VitalSource Bookshelf software to your personal computer or laptop.

What to consider when purchasing eBooks:

• How will I use the eBook in my classroom?
• Does my eBook provider offer training to help my students and I use eBooks effectively?
• Will I receive dedicated support to assist me with any technical issues I might experience?
• What devices will my students need to access their eBooks?
• Can my students access the eBook when they are not connected to the internet?

Pearson eBooks

• Our dedicated Implementation and Support team make it easy to implement eBooks at your college.
• A track record of eBook implementations at educational institutions in South Africa.

Features of our eBooks

• Download and view the entire book offline.
• Highlight important sections, which you can refer to at a later date.
• Create personal notes in your eBook that you can read and find easily.
• Search for key words or phrases with ease. 

How do I purchase Pearson eBooks? 

HED colleges typically include the cost of the printed textbook in the students’ fees and then purchase textbooks
for all their students. Pearson eBooks work in the same way with two ways to purchase eBooks.

• If you are purchasing eBooks in small quantities, visit the Pearson eStore at shop.pearson.co.za for more information on downloading the eBooks you need. On purchasing a Pearson VitalSource eBook access code, you will receive instructions on how to redeem your code and download your Pearson VitalSource eBook.

• If you are a lecturer and you require eBooks for your college, contact your Pearson Key Account Manager or Customer Services who will assist you in implementing eBooks based on your needs.