What we do

Pearson Southern Africa operates in 11 countries in sub-Saharan Africa (we publish in over 58 African languages), combining extensive local knowledge with global expertise and resources to give Southern African education the best possible products and services.

We are partners to ministries of education, students, parents and teachers and offer learning resources from early childhood development to formal schooling to vocational academic and further education.

As a company that is committed to improving the lives of learners through a global pledge to education, we:

  • Research, pilot and test all our materials
  • Provide quality-controlled assessment and testing services
  • Develop and confer internationally recognised qualifications
  • Deliver professional teacher development programmes focused on transforming the quality of teaching and improving learner performance
  • Provide an holistic approach to school improvement through our school turnaround programmes.
Through the Pearson Marang Educational Trust we have managed to improve the results of some of the poorest performing schools in the country. We believe this proves that change can happen and that public/private partnerships have a major role to play in the transformation of education in Southern Africa.
We believe we have a vital and active role to play in continuing to find solutions to our education problems. 
Pearson remains the world's leading learning company.


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