Why work at Pearson

Our businesses fuel the growing demand for effective education and high-quality information in the global knowledge economy.

Pearson People share one common goal; to help others improve their lives through education. We also recognize the opportunity to collectively advance and evolve the digital technology that makes it possible for students of all ages to learn in the classroom or online from anywhere in the world.

Pearson at a Glance:

Pearson (UK: PSON; NYSE: PSO) is a company of over 40,000 talented individuals working in more than 60 different countries. But no matter where you find us, you can be certain that our teams are fully equipped with the tools, resources, support, and freedom they need to unlock potential and possibility around the world.

Pearson in Education

Pearson is the world's leading education company. From pre-school to high school, early childhood development to professional certification, our curriculum materials, multimedia learning tools, and testing programs help to educate more than 100 million people worldwide - more than any other private enterprise.

Career opportunities at Pearson span the major centres of South Africa, and other parts of Africa. As part of a global business, this also extends to Europe and the Middle East.

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