Efficacy Case Studies

But we also have a bigger aim. In a Higher Education system that is expecting 98 million more students in the next decade alone, we want to turn these insights into services that help other institutions address these needs too.

This is why efficacy matters, globally.

But, we’ve got to get it right at CTI&MGI first.

So, in 2015, their self-stated efficacy goals are to get as obsessive about student retention and progression as they are about enrollments and to develop improvement plans and a dashboard to track progress across the student lifecycle.

It is with the aim of helping all the newly enrolled students in 2015  (not just the “Victors” but all those “Kate’s” that I mentioned earlier who are dropping-out…) … to complete their courses, gain employment and make progress in their lives through learning.

MGI Employability / Efficacy Story - Andani Masikhwa

MGI Alumnus, Andani Masikhwa (24) is a former pre-degree and BSC Computer Science graduate who obtained his degree cum laude. He obtained twenty-one distinctions, four certificates of excellence for having an average of 75%, four certificates of merit for an having an average of 80% and above four certificates of achievement for an average of 70% and above , and best database achievement recipient in his 3rd year IT project.

Andani is a former MGI tutor in Computer Skills, Software development, former ZCC fellowship person, and now currently working as an IT Risk and Assurance auditor for the world’s third largest accounting auditing firm, Ernst and Young.

“I cannot underestimate the role of MGI in my formation as an individual and preparing me for work life. It is here where I learned to understand the value of academic success and the importance of my skills development. The tertiary years were an essential part of my life: it taught me to be social, work hard and to take onus of my life. MGI really prepared me well for the job market and the IT industry. When I went to interview I was able to relate and answer all the question that were being posed to me. MGI has prepared me to work diligently and to act professionally. Business English course in first year was really beneficial, it taught me how to dress for the industry, how to communicate and even how to write professionally.”

"I had made many friends at MGI, and we continue to support each other even so many years after graduation. Communicating with them, I see that my success in life is not accidental - the majority of my ex-classmates have also succeeded. I'm inclined to think that the common denominator was our experience at MGI, which faceted us like diamonds (without false modesty). When we joined Ernst and Young in 2013 there were four of us. We joined in January 2013 and by June we all promoted, which shows how MGI had prepared and equipped us with the skillset to succeed in the business world”.

Andani is furthering his education with Rhodes University and has future ambitions of starting up a software development company.

Victor joined Midrand Graduate Institute (MGI), in 2010 and graduated at the end of 2013.

MGI, is part of CTI Education Group, our chain of Higher Education Institutions in South Africa serving 14,000 students across 13 sites. Victor’s time at MGI epitomises why efficacy matters and how it can have a positive social impact and add value to our business too.

In 2010, Victor didn’t get the grades he needed to go to University. But he did gain a place on the MGI pre-degree. Completing this access course meant that he was able to progress onto the MGI Business Management degree.

During his degree, Victor excelled, getting an average of 72-78% per semester.He set up a rugby team, a poetry group – and was elected President of the Union. After completing his degree, he progressed into employment. The job was a Customer Services Officer position at MGI.

Accreditation of B Com Human Resources Modules

CTI Education Group was awarded a B Com Human Resources Modules accreditation by the SA Board of People Practices (SABPP). CTI is the first Private Higher Education Institution in SA to be accredited for its HR Modules in the B Com degree. The SA Board of People Practices is the professional body for HR practitioners in South Africa, as well as the quality assurance body for HR learning provision. SABPP also accredits the HR academic programmes of universities. The accreditation was done per site and the Pretoria campus was accredited. A proposal was made to SABPP also to accredit the other 11 campuses and a decision will be made by the SABPP board at the end of August 2015.

Phumudzo Madzhie

Midrand Graduate Institute focuses on a ‘real world ready’ approach through teaching, learning and assessment helping students enter the world of work with the skills they need to succeed. MGI Alumnus, Phumudzo Madzhie showcases what Real World Ready Graduates are all about