Governance and sustainability

The District Partnership Programme is an initiative of the Pearson Marang Education Trust that was launched in 2008. The programme has adopted a holistic approach towards school improvement by supporting under-performing schools to become steadily achieving schools, capable of sustaining ongoing development.

Corporate Citizenship

Pearson takes real pride in our sense of purpose — to empower human progress through learning — and our values of being brave, imaginative, decent, and accountable.

We believe that it is vital that the purpose and values are reflected in what we do each day and how we engage with colleagues, our learners, our customers, our partners and suppliers and the wider community. Pearson has established an extensive framework and set of guidelines in its annually updated Code of Conduct, which commits every employee to consistent standards and behaviours, from Anti-Bribery and Corruption, through Diversity and Inclusion and Health and Safety to being a Good Corporate Citizen.

By living our values of brave, imaginative, decent and accountable and applying consistent standards of behaviour, Pearson affirms how seriously we take our responsibility as a company that cares about learning, and about people.


Our Standard

As a company whose purpose is to help transform lives, we believe that much of our business involves keeping faith with the public, and we commit ourselves to this this as a priority through our focus on social responsibility.

Our Responsibilities

Community Engagement

The most significant contribution we make to society is to help people get on in life through learning.

Many of the biggest global education challenges cannot be tackled by one company alone. For this reason we partner and collaborate with others — including local groups, governments, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Through collaboration we help inform, innovate and test new models of working, both commercially and through our charitable giving.

We also encourage our employees to get involved in their local communities and we encourage and enable our people to give time and money to good causes.

Human Rights

Pearson’s values mean we respect the human rights and dignity of people. We are a founder signatory of the UN Global Compact; we support universal human rights, including equal employment freedom of speech and of association, and cultural, economic and social well-being.

Environmental Stewardship

We have a responsibility as a company to take proper care of and to manage and minimise our impact on the environment. By planting thousands of trees and setting of stringent standards of sustainability in all areas within which we work, Pearson is proud to be amongst the top carbon neutral companies in the world.

Commitment as Trust Partner in Educational Improvement in South Africa

The Pearson Marang Education Trust has been set up as an independent, not for profit organisation, serving as the charitable arm of Pearson South Africa and has its own clearly defined objectives - providing specific, socio-economic development and support for institutions and educationists identified by the departments of education as needing guidance and support at no cost and with specific coaching and mentoring, professional and personal development elements.

The Pearson Marang Education Trust supports best practices and solutions to improve teaching and learning outcomes within the framework of national education policies in challenging, under-resourced and disadvantaged contexts.

The Trust focuses on supporting improvement and excellence in educational institutions through the provision of:

  • Institution-based support programmes
  • Capacity building
  • Teaching, learning and assessment support materials

The Pearson Marang Education Trust has been able to improve the results of some of the poorest performing schools in the country, proving that change is possible and that such partnerships have a major role to play in the transformation of education in Southern Africa.

Current Projects

  • The School Support and Development Project
  • The District Partnership Project
  • The Undergraduate Bursary Programme

Commitment to learners

As part of our commitment to transforming lives, we serve learners of all ages including children, young people and vulnerable adults and at all times remain focused on the best interests of our learners — providing a safe, supportive and age-appropriate learning environment whether in a classroom or online. With learners being at the heart of everything we do, at Pearson we commit ourselves to making a measurable difference in people’s lives.