Organisational Behaviour: Global and Southern African Perspectives, Third Edition

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The third revised edition of Organisational Behaviour: Global and Southern African Perspectives is based on the best-selling 15th global edition by Stephen Robbins and Timothy Judge. This edition has been updated to reflect current research findings from both a global and a local perspective and looks at the individual, group and organisational levels.

There are a number of additions that stimulate critical thinking and application:

• Updated local and international research data reflect current trends in organisational behaviour.
• New relevant cases look at South African companies and the issues that today’s organisations face.
• Industry-specific examples are highlighted and dealt with in ‘OB in the news’; ‘Myth or science’; ‘OB in a global context’; ‘From concepts to skills’; and ‘Point-counterpoint’ discussions.
• Summaries and sections on implications for managers emphasise the practical application of concepts in the workplace.
• Questions for review, experiential exercises and ethical dilemmas stimulate student engagement.
• Prescribing lecturers can access additional instructor resources including PowerPoint presentations and a test bank.

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