Pearson Horizon

Pearson Horizon is a digital courseware solution for optimal student engagement. It is an easy-to-use digital courseware solution that combines interactive digital content, online homework and assessments, optional eText and the flexibility to customise your course. It promotes independent study by empowering students to access all content and activities. The solution is available when purchasing Pearson eBooks, to give your students maximum flexibility to complete coursework from on campus or through an online learning environment.

Pearson Horizon allows you to:

  • Deliver content digitally​
    Get all the benefits of our widely used content within an easy-to-use, personalised digital platform with customisable features.​
  • Optimise and personalise learning​
    Engage students with a blended learning approach merging digital content with complementary homework, tutorials, and assessments.​
  • Customise your course​
    Create a learning path with existing content, while developing original activities and uploading your own multimedia resources.​
  • Offer flexible study options​
    Give students instant access to mobile-friendly course content, whether they’re online or offline.​

Contact a Pearson Key Account Manager to arrange a demo and learn more about Pearson Horizon.