Personal Selling

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This first edition of Personal Selling: Fresh Perspectives is aimed at first-year students studying towards Diplomas in Marketing and Retailing at higher educational institutions in South Africa. The book is also relevant for students studying towards other business-related qualifications such as the Diploma in Management, the Certificate in Sales Management, the Certificate in Marketing Communications Practice and the Diploma in Business Studies.

Written by South African authors at South African higher education institutions, Personal Selling: Fresh Perspectives, which discusses the fundamentals of sales in South Africa, is divided into four sections:
Section A: The salesperson
Section B The customer
Section C The selling process
Section D Sales management

These four sections guide the reader through specifi c issues related to personal selling – including the attributes of a salesperson, ethical dilemmas faced by salespeople, cross-cultural selling, government tenders, and the increasingly tech-driven sales environment.

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