About 21st Century Skills


The 21st Century Skills course is designed to deepen and expand participants’ knowledge of these skills and how to incorporate them into their classroom practices. The course provides opportunities for active, hands-on learning and practice that draws on participants’ own classroom experiences and creates opportunities for them to apply 21st century skills in those classrooms after the course.

Who should attend

All lecturers wanting to build their ability to integrate 21st century skills, tools and teaching strategies into classroom practice.

What you will learn

  • An understanding of 21st century skills and how to apply them into learning activities.
  • Methods to integrate skilled communication and design learning activities that support 21st century communication in and beyond the classroom.
  • How to select assessment communication methods that support 21st century learning and critical thinking.
  • How to develop learning activities that support cross-cultural competency.
  • Techniques to configure a classroom to support 21st century learning and improved student outcomes.

Course duration

  • This course consists of 3 full days of training.
  • Lecturers can customise their learning according to their needs and can register for individual courses.

Course content

Day 1: Understanding 21st century learning

  • Identify 21st century learning opportunities
  • Design 21st century learning environments
  • Analyse and design 21st century curriculum

Day 2: 21st century activities and communities

  • Develop and integrate 21st century learning activities
  • Moving beyond your classroom
  • Improve communication in the learning community

Day 3: 21st century assessment and learning culture

  • Analyse and use assessment in the 21st century classroom
  • Develop assessment for the 21st century classroom
  • Build 21st century learning culture for learners and teachers

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